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Screw eloquence. Here are my thoughts.

I'm disillusioned by it all. The materialism, the lack of curiousity, the blind faith, the seemingly content will of my generation to just sit back and accept everything at face value and be so carefully conditioned by their environment to not even bother searching for more meaning in their lives. We're destined for mediocrity and it's frightening that no-one seems to be that bothered.

I question everything. Life, faith, people, motives. You see, the more answers you receive, the stronger your thought becomes. Life is about finding meaning in anything and everything because without it there's nothing stopping you from jumping off a building with all the grace of a paper aeroplane. These questions lead you to meaning. It isn't about the answers, but the pursuit of answers that actually have any relevance in your lives. We grow up in a society where we're taught to accept unconditionally, to not challenge old ideas, to just fucking take it as it is. If you're wondering why, the answer simple. The ignorant are the obedient. We'll go through our insignificant lives with a strict process to adhere to. Work, sleep, pay. We become part of a cycle that heeds no benefit to anyone but those who control us. And it's this ignorance that is so prevalent in my generation, one that I feel nothing but shame for.

If you're reading this, you have internet access. Which means you have access to the largest collection of human knowledge ever compiled in the history of the fucking universe. Wikipedia is the most expansive encyclopedia known to man, yet its main use is to get that A you want for your assignment so you can get a degree so you can slave away your life just to survive. You can learn languages, skills, practically anything on the internet yet most choose to while away their time on images of kittens with horrifyingly incorrect text grammar-wise. I mean, I love kittens as much as any sane human being loves kittens but why stop at kittens when you have the whole world before you? Why. 

We're fed concepts and lifestyles of what is right and what is wrong through media, through celebrities, through fucking 9gag. The irony is, we're taught not to think for ourselves. All this information is there to create us because most aren't courageous enough to question why things should be so. All these brands, all these logos, they don't mean anything when they were made in sweatshops in China by the hands of desperate children just trying to survive. Or at least they shouldn't mean anything. But they do, and it's a pathetic excuse for humanity when people are sharing pictures on Facebook on world issues while using everything that they are publicly against. 

Religion just seems out of fashion too. You're seen as backward when you stand by your faith. It's made out as if religion only succeeds in limiting your intellectual capacity. I agree. I agree that anything limits intellectual capacity if you blindly accept it. You do things because 'God says so' but why does God say so, why are certain rules sent down, why do you think you can't ask these questions? 'God says so' is a reason I can't accept because it shows that you don't even have enough understanding in your faith to answer with a reasoned, logical answer that can be accepted in the wider scope of society. Question your own faith before you question faith itself.

I was in a class today on the philosophy and view of different ideologies towards the wider global climate. A couple of girls to the left of me were texting throughout the lesson. I lost count of those who fell asleep. Education is wasted. The man in front of me spoke with a wisdom that I've only ever seen rarely, but the people around me took it for granted. And it's fucking sad, you know. This complete lack of feeling towards learning. That As are just for your future, your job. It's there. Eleven years of free compulsory education and you waste it. Eleven years of information and thought that others around the world have no access to and you throw it away. Granted, education systems do have their flaws, but isn't it our duty to fix it? Instead you choose to let it all pass by you without gaining a single thing apart from the hardly laudable skill of memorising and regurgitation. Without even fucking knowing what you just wrote down. Well done.

Like I said, I'm disillusioned. I haven't even written all I think I could write but writing more could possibly lead me to an even more depressed state than I already am. 

At least things sound a little better with Explosions In The Sky in the background. 


modernlifeisrubbish | 19 September 2012 at 14:30

Dear Arief,

This is just beautiful. You're very wise for one so young.

You take good care of yourself ya.

Anonymous | 20 September 2012 at 19:46

This is too true to remain as a blog post.

Fadhli Rahim | 22 September 2012 at 08:50

The problem of our generation is they are scared of challenging themselves. They are afraid of struggle, they do not understand the key to passion is mastery of ones craft.

They're scared to say anything, to articulate an opinion because they are scared that every word they say will be judge. They don't understand that criticism is a way to learn and grow. They get defensive when people point out the missing gap of information of their knowledge.

They whine and complain about things but never take any action, no concrete plan to do anything. Assuming that everyone else will care about it. Assuming leadership and responsibility is something that you're born with and not grown.

I agree with you Arief. The world needs more people like you. I hope that you will always continue to question things and ask how one can be awesome everyday. Good post and I hope you continue writing.

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