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It's the risk that comes with the kiss
A gentle press of lip on lip
On borrowed time in a car backseat
To an audience of an empty street

With a pulse as rushed as my fumbled touches
A dress pulled over a pair of shoulders
In this moment
We are neither young nor old
Just a consequence of our fears and desires like two moths and a dance of fire

Here, I have found you
The only sounds we hear are the breaths that escape
Too alive to stay within this feeble frame but believe me
I would hold every breath if I could
Force my lungs to spare no air
Keep it stashed between my heart and diaphragm as all I have 
A treasure chest 
Of flesh and breath

Your hands find mine in the absence of light
As you breathe harder your hand holds tight and
Skin and friction and all we've ever been
Collide like our existence depends on this
This single moment of temporary bliss
He was hers and she was his
Like those love stories we listened to as if they ever spoke the truth

Headlights paint the sunroof above you
By the rain on the windows
Replacement constellations
A passing sky for unseen lovers
A starting engine
An empty street