You know when you're young and you break a bone
And you flinch at the pain as it takes you whole
And you swear you won't be bad again
Because all you want to do is escape the pain
And you fight but it won't go away
So you pray and you pray
'It was a mistake!' you'll say
You don't forget those days

Those days when you're lost and you learn
You're helpless and you yearn
For someone to turn and guide you through the hurt

Because to your dismay
You find that bones aren't the only things that break

Like how promises are just as brittle
As the bones you broke when you were little
Like how a marriage could fall apart
The laughable emptiness of 'till death do us part'
Like how the pressure leaves you shaking
You hope to heal so you're stranded waiting

And by the end you just wish you were that little kid
Who knew of pain as something which
Hurt a lot but for a bit
And didn't last like how it did
And didn't scar like how it did
You think of how it was before
And breaking bones doesn't seem so bad anymore.


Anonymous | 30 July 2012 at 13:33

I actually smile reading this.

Akasha | 25 August 2012 at 00:05

You'd probably never read my comment but I just want you to know that the words from your blog is the words from god and you're lucky. So I hope you have a beautiful day. :-)

Anonymous | 28 August 2012 at 19:26

Wow, just wow. I just spent the entire evening reading your blog and words can't even express just how amazing you are. You might just be Malaysia's Hemingway. I don't even know if I should hate you or love you.

And that was compliment. I hope you have a brilliant day :)

Anonymous | 28 August 2012 at 19:27

*a compliment

Anonymous | 1 October 2012 at 22:36

you bitch i died

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