Those stars that light the sky are scars that tear into our eyes
Looking up a cold embrace a fake smile a hint of malice
A state of wonder and I'm paralysed by this desperate shade of isolation

But your hand brushes mine and I'm pulled back into time
The one where it stops and there's just me and you and the air hangs still
Alone together a constant spill of dreams and hearts that meld 

You smiled and I did and all else seems pointless now lines said without words
Because all that was needed was the presence of us of two of me and you
Of scars and stars that shape the black and cloak the sky for us to fall into.


GwenYi. | 25 June 2012 at 16:16

Dude, this is beautiful. One of your best works, I dare say.

Anonymous | 26 June 2012 at 00:45

Your words, they're beautiful.

Arief | 27 June 2012 at 11:35

Why thank you.

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