With lives like these, who needs dying?

I've been so unproductive lately. Time wastes faster than the regret that sets in afterward. My days feel numbered. I assume the logic my brain uses is since I'm not doing anything productive, why continue breathing? I need a short-term goal to fill my time. Yep. That sounds good. And no, I haven't been reading any motivational self-help books. I'm just worried with the fact that I can't remember the last thing I felt satisfied about achieving. Especially since someone told me that eating one large pizza alone doesn't count as being 'productive'. 

Off the top of my head, a list of things I want to do before the end of the year:

1) Be able to write with my left hand.
2) Learn enough Tamil to carry out conversations which make sense.
3) Figure out how to speak in an Australian accent.
4) Climb a wall.

No joke.


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